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Our goal is to respond to your queries as soon as possible - pretty much around the clock! But  before you drop us a message, read through our most commonly asked questions below - maybe the answer is already there. You will always get the fastest response via Facebook Messenger. We look forward to making you comfortable with all aspects of the rental process to provide you a seamless arrival to your Tallinn home!

The room is fully confirmed and reserved for you after you have paid the Contract Fee – a one-time 200 EUR payment before doing the Contract. We cannot hold rooms on a “verbal promise” so a formal Contract and Security Deposit are required. Time from agreement to contract signing is usually 5 working days. For transparency around feest – there is a strictly non-negotiable one-time Cleaning Fee of 100 EUR deducted from the Security Deposit at the end of your stay. So if all rent payments are on time and nothing is broken, then the Tenant gets back Security Deposit minus 100 EUR. Please note the standard on the Tallinn real estate market is an Agent/Broker Fee of one month’s rent, and extra charges for bed linens and kitchen equipment – KoolRooms does not charge any of those items.  

Please send the following data points to our email (  You will receive your Contract draft after payment of the Contract Fee.

  • name as in passport
  • National ID card or passport scan
  • ID or passport number
  • date of birth
  • email address
  • mobile in your home country
  • address in home country
  • emergency contact (usually one parent – their name, email and mobile number)
  • school you attend in your home country (or employer)
  • school you will attend in Tallinn (or employer/internship company)
  • rental Start Date (either 1st or 16th of the month) and End Date (either 15 or 30/31 of the month)

This data is entered into the Contract, which is then emailed to you. After that you read through the contract, let KoolRooms know if you have any questions or modifications you would like to make. After the contract is finalized, both the Landlord and Tenant sign. Then you pay the Security Deposit, and the room is booked for you. For an example of the basic T&C’s of a KoolRooms contract, click here.

As all properties are managed by KoolRooms and we do not deal with 3rd parties, we do not charge a broker fee (standard on the market is one month’s rent as agent fee). There is only a one-time Contract Fee of 200 EUR, payable before doing the Contract (please discuss with the KoolRooms representative about booking a room and obtaining the Contract Fee account number). Please discuss options with the KoolRooms representative for rentals of 1+ years.

All KoolRooms apartments are in Tallinn City Centre (“Kesklinn” in Estonian). It is actually very easy as all our apartments are on 4 streets that all run into each other – it is an area around the Foreign Ministry of Estonia and Solaris and Viru Shopping Centers. They are all a 5min walk from Old Town (“Vanalinn” in Estonian).  This City Center area is called “Sibulaküla.” Your landmarks or central points can be EBS (Estonian Business School) or Solaris Shopping Center. All apartments are within a 2min walk from these.

When you have booked your flight tickets for Tallinn, please inform your KoolRooms contact either via email or FB Messenger. One of the KoolRooms team will meet and greet you at the apartment.

The room rental price includes all monthly apartment and building utilities, so you don’t have to pay anything extra every month. This way you, your parents, or employer know exactly what your cost of accommodation is in Tallinn, and you don’t have to go sign up with and then end contracts with the different electricity, gas and internet providers in Estonia. Rent is always paid BEFORE the month starts – so for example rent for October has to be paid by the 25th of September. 

Yes – the Security Deposit for any potential damages is in the value of one month’s rent. You will get this back within 21 days of the end of your contract. We have returned 99% of all security deposits. Please note that a fixed 100 EUR for cleaning will be deducted from all Security Deposits at the end (so for ex. if your security deposit is 650 EUR, you get back 550 EUR). 

No you don’t have to. The KoolRooms service is designed with the objective of making life and settling into your Tallinn life as easy as possible. All you have to buy for yourself is food. You can arrive at the apartment, and you are immediately able to work, cook, shower and sleep.

KoolRooms follows the Airbnb example in terms of cancellation policy. According to the Airbnb Strict cancellation policy, guests may receive a full refund if they cancel within 72 hours of booking.  After 72 hours, guests are entitled to a 50% refund regardless of how far the check-in date is.

Depending on what you need, you can either rent one private room in a shared apartment, or rent the entire apartment. Our smallest available apartment has two bedrooms, so there is a discount possible if 2 friends would like to rent a 2-bedroom apartment together for the same contract duration.

Tallinn airport is approx. a 15min drive from any of the KoolRooms apartments. If your ETA to the apartment is after 20:00, or before 09:00, or on the weekend, then we will leave the keys to the apartment at the airport information desk, and you can pick them up upon arrival. Please inform us of your arrival time well in advance to arrange this.

All visits and guests should be discussed with your flatmates to make sure they are OK with this, as it means more people are using the shower, bathroom, and kitchen, as well as there is more noise. The general guiding principle is that each flatmate can have 1 guest spend a maximum of 2 nights as a guest each month. After this number of nights, guests pay 15 euros per night to stay in the apartment. Think of it from your own point of view – you agree to rent one room knowing there is one other person living in the apartment. If they suddenly have 3 friends living with all of you and hanging out in the kitchen in the evenings, you will feel awkward to go make yourself dinner. Being respectful and mindful is our Guiding Principle!

For an additional charge, you can request various services – for example – airport pickup, car rental service, room cleaning, apartment cleaning, different Tallinn and Estonia visiting tours, different sports equipment rentals (ATV, tennis racquets, kayak, skis, snowboard, etc.) When family is visiting, you can also get -30% off from any of our available apartments nearby your apartment.

Yes – our rental contracts start and end with a 2-week segment, so for example it is possible to start the contract on August 16, and end it on June 15. For those months, the rent is 50% of the monthly rent. (As a Tenant, you can physically actually arrive any date after the start of the contract. Just the payment for that half month must be made – for example you are free to arrive August 18th, but rental payment is still for the half-month.)

No worries!  Good, fast communication and transparency is our Guiding Principle! If you have other questions not answered in the FAQ’s here, please send a message via the KoolRooms FB page, send an email to or use the contact form below.

HOLIDAY HOMES IN TALLINN, ESTONIA. During the summer and winter holidays, we are delighted to host lovely tourists who have chosen Tallinn as their holiday destination - which we are always grateful for! For the Spring and Fall university semesters, we are always excited to hear from new mostly Erasmus students heading to Tallinn for their study abroad. Either email us or FB Message through the KoolRooms FB page.


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